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Welcome to Sale and Altrincham Musical Theatre.

SAM Theatre always welcomes new faces both on and off the stage so come and join in the fun and discover your hidden talent.

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Spring 2018 play:
"Blackadder" - 3rd to 7th April 2018
1st get-together - Wednesday 11th October 2017 8pm at The Moorfield.
Script Read Through - Wednesday 18th October 8pm at The Moorfield.
Auditions - Sunday 22nd October Venue and Time TBC.

Autumn 2018 show: "Jekyll & Hyde the Musical" - 6th to 10th November 2018
1st get-together - Tuesday 17th April 2018.
Sing Through - Tuesday 24th April 2018.
Auditions - Sunday 29th April 2018.
Venues and Times TBC.
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